Thursday, 9 November 2017

Hello again!

As some of you might know (probably those of you who follow me on twitter!), when I was a first year, and for a little of my second year, I used to blog! I wrote about my experiences of university life and placement, and I've started to miss it. So, for my last few months as a student nurse, I thought I would start afresh and document the last few months until I qualify. I'm still a little surprised I'm nearing the end, and this time next year I'll be a qualified nurse in my first post. Scary/exciting!

I'm in university at the moment, and have three modules: complex care of children and their families, decision-making, and the dissertation (which counts as a double module). Tomorrow morning I have my first meeting with my dissertation supervisor, so I'm looking forward to hopefully deciding on my topic so I can start tentatively doing a literature search. The course is pretty busy at the moment, with a mock exam about cystic fibrosis next week, and a practical simulation session the week after with lots of skills that I need to brush up on in case they come up! I have an essay I also need to start, and some trusts are just starting to release dates for recruitment days and open days which is a lot earlier than I thought. I have no idea what area I actually want to work in, but have a few ideas where in the UK I'd like to live so that's a start.

I've also volunteered to help in the first year's BLS session next month, which I'm looking forward to as I used to be chair of the university's first aid society and helped teach first aid then, so teaching first years will be enjoyable. It feels like so long ago that I was a first year, but also equally as odd to think that it was only 2016, last year, that I had my first ever placement?! I know a lot more than I did back then (I hope!) but I also don't feel like I know enough at all - a feeling that I think I'll probably have forever. Annoying that I can't know everything, haha! I'm also the social sec for the nursing society on campus, which means I organise our social events, and I'm currently planning a Christmas meal which will be a great opportunity to chat to first and second years, as well as relaxing with other third years.

That's it from me - for now! :-)

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