Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Nearing the end...

I can't believe I've made it to this point in the course. Last week I submitted my dissertation (77 pages!) and tomorrow I start my last ever 12 week placement in paediatric A&E. It's funny to think that when I started this course I wanted to be an A&E nurse and really wanted a placement on A&E, and it's taken me until my last ever placement to experience it (and a first job lined up in PICU instead).

Just 12 weeks left. I'm a little more nervous for this placement than previous ones for some reason - probably knowing this is the placement where I've actually got to be a nurse (an actual nurse - not a student for much longer!) more than any other, my last opportunity to be properly supernumerary and take advantage of the opportunities that offers me. I know I'll be fine after I've settled in for a few weeks, but this is really it. This degree has been the most difficult thing I've ever done and to see a light at the end of the tunnel is exciting and very strange. 

I've been thinking over all the placements I've had, and how I've changed through this course. In first year I had the children's ward, a special needs school and health visiting. In second year I had brain injury rehabilitation, NICU/special care baby unit and a children's assessment unit. And this year I've had community children's nursing and the children's ward again. It's odd to think I didn't enjoy ward nursing much in my first year in my first ever placement, and actually really enjoyed it when I went back there as a third year. The difference in how I felt was huge - like I kind of knew what I was doing, had so much more confidence with medications, with how a hospital works (although they're still confusing places sometimes!), and, importantly, like I was an actual, proper part of the nursing team. It's easy as a student to feel out of your depth and like you don't really belong, getting in the way all the time, but I've had some really great placements where I've felt really included and it's improved the experience and my own learning and confidence so much.

Really hoping I'm going to enjoy A&E, and will check in soon!

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