Wednesday, 7 November 2018

New job, new city, new blog!

Hello, everyone!

This is the first time I've written a post as a nurse. That feels crazy to write - I've been a student for three years, and now I've finished my degree, finished my placements, and I'm registered with the NMC (the governing body for nurses and midwives). After I finished university in August I went travelling solo for 5 weeks in Thailand and Bali (which was amazing), and have been busy since I've been back finding myself a flat. That's due to the fact that not only am I starting a new job in an area I've never worked in before - Paediatric Intensive Care - I'm also moving to a brand new city. Lots of new things all at once!

As you might be able to tell, my blog has also had a makeover. For starters, I've had to 're-brand', because I'm no longer a student! Previously it was called Student Nurse Dani, but now it's the short and sweet Nurse Dani. I've also started an instagram account, and have a new email address which you can find on my Contact page. I'll check in soon!

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